Live Streaming

Live videos make users feel a deeper connection with the content provider as it’s like being spoken to directly. This familiarity encourages engagement since they know that their questions or comments can be answered in real time.

Today, companies can use live videos to promote…

  • New products announcements
  • Demonstrate their products in action
  • Webinars
  • Host question and answer sessions
  • Interviews
  • Events

Live videos are simple and free! No editing, special studios, or postproduction work required.

More and more social platforms are promoting live video-oriented functionality, such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and most recently, LinkedIn.

IGTV and Vertical Videos

As much as we hate to admit it, we spend a lot of time consuming content on our phones, even more than on our computers or tablets. This is why it is now important to produce videos in a vertical format.

This trend is in thanks to Instagram and Snapchat, with their Stories formats, and Instagram’s new IGTV (Instagram Television), a tool that allows you to upload vertical videos of with lengths anywhere between 15 seconds to 60 minutes. IGTV videos open up the possibility for companies to repurpose these same vertical videos to other video platforms. IGTV will continue being a great tool for influencers, since they don’t have to be highly produced, but provide them an efficient way to connect with their followers.

Video eLearning

Video tutorial and DIY videos have formed the content boom that we as creators and consumers are experiencing today. Tutorials and explanatory videos are highly sought after content, which can position your brand as an expert, while giving value to your users. They can take several forms, from user generated content posted to Youtube, or professional eLearning videos posted by your company to sites like Skillshare or Udemy. 

Video Podcasts

A video podcast, is simple words is just a radio program that is also recorded on video. Viewers enjoy watching video podcasts as they get to see what exactly is happening in studio, and to put faces behind the voices that they hear. Your viewers will feel closer to the brand, allowing you to better connect with your audience. 

Increased Video Mobile Advertising (Videos Ads)

Video ads are great as they are cheap to make and they also generate more engagement than just a standalone pictures. So we can expect to see more companies incorporate video ads into their marketing plans, as well as post on more shareable video platforms. 

Greater Commitment to UGC (User Generated Content)

Users tend to trust other users much more than the brands. As a result, more companies will begin to push their fans and social media communities to create content and generate engagement which they can share and capitalize on. This is great for brands because it involves very little investment, and yet they receive free content.

Video Marketing Essentials

I am certain that after reading this you must be thinking to jump the video marketing band wagon, and desperately have this desire that “I need to get on board with the video marketing trend,” you’re absolutely right! But first let’s talk about some best practices you need to follow:

  • Come up with a niche topic. Don’t confuse your audience by trying to cover multiple topics. Be straight forward and get to the point as quickly as you can.
  • Appropriate Video length. Keep your videos short and precise, people have short attention spans, which is why shorter videos have higher conversion rates. Make sure you use the ideal length video for each platform. Twitter should be no longer than 30 seconds. Instagram should be somewhere between 26 to 30 seconds. Facebook should be 1 minute and YouTube should be about 2 minutes. (Hubspot)
  • Add a call to action at the end of your video. If you want your viewers to take action, let them know what they should do next.
  • Make sure you add subtitles in your videos. Most people scroll videos on their mobile devices or computers without sound so add subtitles so they can understand your message even without any sound.

The popularity of video marketing is on the rise and this upcoming year will be no different. So now that you have our predicted video marketing trends for 2020, take advantage of them so you won’t be left behind!

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