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Affiliate marketing is the most powerful business strategy as of date. Its strategy is simple and effective- mutually benefiting by the coordination. There is no competition in between. Their are another scenario is win/win. The organizations would only pay if the deal is closed. The affiliates receive a better commission in return to the sales won. Both the advertisement companies and the publishers tend to get a better deal.

The research by Rakuten led to a finding that 90% of advertisers are still considering affiliate programs. That to be very important for their online Paid marketing strategy. Majority of  the publishers reports said that affiliates drove over 20% of their revenue. If you are not enrolled in an internet affiliate marketing program. Then you should enroll by today for better benefits.

Online marketing is based on the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model. The affiliate gets paid only if the sales are won. Hence it would not turn risky for the client companies. Benefits of Content marketing include an increase in ROI. And lower risk strategy and the developed relationship between businesses. It is important for businesses to start acknowledging affiliate marketing.

Our experts also do performance based marketing to CPI ( cost per installs). CPV ( Cost per visit), e-CPM ( per thousand impressions effectiveness), CPL ( lead based campaigns) and CPA. We have diversified traffic of Push notifications, Email, native, display, banner, video, in-app, interstitial and more. The industries we have catered to are E-commerce, Travel, Finance, Fashion and Gaming. We do Blogs and V-logs as well and promote through Feeds onto multi channel networks. Eventually a campaign is planned, ported and executed with a definite set frame.

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We foresee all the regular, day-to-day activities and update you with regular reports. Since it would also impact your affiliates and benefit them, they would be happy to help you at each step. Hence affiliate marketing is the first and foremost choice for businesses willing to expand their reach.

While you partner with the right Paid marketing companies, it would eventually lead you to success. Partnering with Content studio will ensure that you get the maximum results. And out of your targeted audience and get a maximum conversion rate.

We are specialists in this area and our data-driven approach enable strategic approach. Thus increasing the lifetime value of the customers. We have an in-built team to tackle all the areas like graphic designing, content production and much more.


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