Yes, B2C companies have big budget and fancy products.

Yes, B2C companies have a massive audience at their disposal.

Yes, B2C companies have famous celebrities and funny TV commercials.

But that does not mean that B2B has no scope of using videos as an efficient marketing tool.

There is no reason that these massive B2B companies should stay out of this league of new age digital marketing, videos are the new hip thing in every sector and they are here to stay.

Here are a few prime reasons why you as B2B Company should get into video production for your brand as soon as possible.

1. It engages & resonates with current and prospective clients.

No video works without grabbing the attention of its target audience and using their interests and concerns to hold on tight. A short video targeting towards your client will make them believe that you indeed care about their problems and willing to dedicate yourself to solve them if you get the opportunity.

2. It tells a story to your partners in a logical sequence.

B2B videos need structure to work. That can be something as emotive as a story, or something as simple as a series of logical points. As long as it’s there to lead the viewer through to the end they learn something about your brand in a quick and interesting way.

3. It teaches your clients something or makes them feel something.

Your target audience should feel or think differently after watching your B2B video. Choose to be either informative or emotional — and if you can manage both, even better.

4. It looks and sounds smart and professional.

Looks aren’t everything, but your viewer isn’t going to stand for poor camera work or sound. Especially in B2B, you need some level of filming & editing quality to stay professional. So make sure you hire a good corporate video production house for your videos.

5. It compels action by your prospective clients.

Ultimately, video is used to get your prospective clients to do something. A great B2B video must encourage viewers to take relevant action, and a strong call-to-action makes this much easier.

6. It builds trust within your partners through genuineness and authenticity.

B2B relations are all about trust. Your video should help to reinforce this by being honest and humanize your brand in front of your partners. The worst B2B videos are the fake ones that keep trying hard to create an image that you can’t pull off in reality. Just keep it real and simple.

7. It reinforces the business brand among other big businesses.

Like all good pieces of content, B2B video also needs to support your brand. Tone of voice, visuals and values should all make it immediately obvious that who is behind the video.

So again the question must arise you as a business owner that whom to trust and partner for creating honest and creative videos for your brand.

When and where will you shoot these videos?

How will it all look once it is made?

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