Have you heard about explainer videos? If not, then you are at the perfect place to learn something new about it. Videos are in high demand even my 3-year niece loves them and like every corporate house, you too want to get aboard.  

But first of all what actually are these so talked about Explainer

Explainer videos are short videos that simplify things for buyers;
they range from 30-90 seconds and explain your product and services to average

Here are five very important reasons why you should contact a video production company today and get a
few incredible videos for your company.

A Problem Is Shown with Its Solution: Although an explainer video is just 30-90 seconds long it has a story, there is a beginning, middle and an end.  A problem that an average consumer face is introduced and how your brand solves the problem and saves the day is explained in an interesting and concise way. This shows confidence in your product and adds value to your brand.

Show Your Personality: An explainer video gives you the opportunity to use that powerful logo to the best effect. You can use immersive colors, write bold content and add appropriate visuals to set the tone of the video and highlight the personality of your brand. An assertive voice-over/ narration can further enhance and deliver your message strongly and further complements the visuals and written content of the video.

Online Marketing Strategy: In this day and age of startups and tech-savvy population, your digital presence defines how are you doing as a company, explainer videos help these new companies reach to new audiences they are indeed a massive marketing tool for new companies but don’t get me wrong they are incredibly useful for old and already established organization as well as they dramatically improve Google search ranking while increasing conversion rates and  gives opportunity for the old players to come online and make their presence impactful. The ease of shareability both online and offline can be a boon for old B2B  players.

Create Emotional Connection: Our problems and pain are one of the most major aspects that connect every human being on this planet. The characters created for your explainer video to illustrate the problems of everyday users can be used to connect emotionally with your audience and when a crisp solution is illustrated in the video with it creates a deep and lasting impact on the viewers.

Can Be Used Anywhere: Since an explainer video is short and to the point, it can be used at multiple platforms be it your YouTube and Facebook page, your Instagram handler and any other social media platforms.  They are also a brilliant addition for your landing page to make your brand more believable, an explainer video can also be used in a presentation during internal training sessions and they are the best tool for B2B service providers where they can use their short explainer video to educate their varied clientele in no time.   

So what to do with this massive information that you just got?

Where to knock and get those amazing explainer videos done?

Who will take care of the written content and impeccable visuals?

Who will be the narrator and become the voice of your brand?

All the above questions can be answered by a simple call to Content Studio which is located in the tech and industrial hub of the country Gurgaon, we are here to help you with every part of the production right from creating an interesting script to finding the perfect and strongest voice for your brand. We will be in constant touch with you and stay up all night to do those re-edits and improve those little things in your video until you are satisfied.

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