Making Corporate Videos for your brand introduction and services is the new hip marketing trend and is soon becoming a standard for any industry.

But before you jump into the vast ocean of corporate video production be aware of the mistakes that you might end up making.

Here are 5 common mistakes that companies do and end up misusing their marketing budget.

  • Quality of Video

Video quality is the first thing that anyone will notice in your video. A good video quality shows that you were dedicated in the process of production and hired a good production house.

Bad lighting, unoptimized audio levels, weak voice-over, amateur camera work, and sloppy animation is a sign of unprofessionalism and shows everyone watching that you skimmed on your marketing budget by hiring some inexperienced or inefficient production house to make that very important corporate video for your brand.

A bad quality video doesn’t seem worth investing time, it seems that video was made years back and creates an outdated impression about your brand.  

  • Length of the Video

In this age of limited attention span it really matters how long or short have you made your video; no one wants to watch a short film or documentary in the name of brand introduction.

 It does not matter if you are B2B or B2C company ultimately its people like you and me who’ll end up watching that video and we like short clips with basic information, people don’t expect or like a full length feature film about the services you provide.

Ask your corporate video production house to make a script of 150-180 words and try to hit the sweet spot around of 90 seconds.

  • Not a Clear Message

There are times brands try to put all our eggs in one basket ending up breaking most of them and eventually making a bad investment. They try to do a lot and put all possible information in a 60 or 90 second video, yes you might save some money but your video fails to create any impact on the viewer and lacks a clear point of view towards anything specific.

Brand introduction videos in which you also talk about all your services and testimonials becomes lengthy and lacks one clear message that stays with the viewers. A video without a clear massage fails to emotionally connect with the viewers and fails more often than not.

If you are a big or even a reasonably big brand you ought to have several different services, ask your corporate video production house cover all those services in different small videos.

  • Audience Not Specific

When companies observe their competitors making videos as a marketing tool get impatient and just want to jump the band wagon of promoting their brand through videos. In doing this sometimes they get so caught up in joining the race they completely undermine the importance of researching and knowing for whom they are making these videos, who’ll watch and benefit from the videos or who would want to learn about that service through the video.

Sometimes lack of communication between the brand and the corporate video production house leads to this disastrous result. Yes, making something and not knowing who’ll watch it is a disastrous result.

This is the reason why production houses expect the brands to come up with the production script since people working in the company understand various services and technicality involved in it.

If the company officials can’t make the script, it’ll be great help for the production house if someone from the company can sit with them during the process of scripting.

  • Bad Social Media Marketing

Last but not the least a bad social media marketing can kill a very good content and may lead to one of the biggest reason of making your investment being a bad one.

After you have spend so much time, money and energy to create a corporate video that has great picture quality, that is precise and has a clear message it is really important that you give that video a fighting chance by putting it all across various social media so that it gets maximum visibility.

A good thing about a short video is that it can be repurposed on various platforms in any form. You can tweet a snapshot of the shoot or make an Instagram and Facebook story of the same. You can put the video on your landing page or even write a transcript of the video in your services page. 

These are the mistakes that you can do while making your first few corporate videos for your brand, but if you have a corporate video production house like us you don’t have to worry about any of the above issues. We have been leading the pack of corporate video production house in Delhi NCR and have several happy B2B and B2C clients.     

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