Why Your Videos Need to Be Interesting and Useful?

If just making a video was enough then every YouTube and content creator would be a millionaire in this booming age of video production.

Videos that make any sort of lasting impact with their target audience speak to them in a way that connects with them at an intellectual and emotional level.

This is where your video content strategy takes the center stage and helps us map things out before we get started.

If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, how can you stay on track? Before you start throwing ideas around, make sure you know why you want to make videos in the first place.

How Do You Form a Good Video Content Strategy?

A successful content strategy begins with extensive research, so before making a video make sure you have a team of motivated people to do all your research work. 

We spend time with your key people and a part of your customer base to discover current perceptions, challenges, and needs. This tells us what exactly you offer, the problem you’re solving and the value you’re adding. All this helps us figure out what truly sets you apart from your competitors.

Our results will lead to a content strategy to connect with the target audience and guide them to the next step.

We work in three stages:

1. Define Your Core Video Content Strategy

First of all, you need to find a sweet spot where your viewers’ passion and your brand proposition meet. What do they want that you can give them? What unique content can you offer to earn their loyalty? Experience has taught us there are three main ways to make your audience care about your content: either inspire them with stories they can relate to; educate them with useful information; or entertain them with content that’s surprising, humorous or just plain brilliant.

2. Define Your Content Creation Strategy

Then come to a conclusion about content generation and structuring.

For generating content you’ve got three main options.

  • You can create it yourself
  • You can make it in collaboration
  • You can curate and edit existing content

For anything you’re creating from scratch, we recommend the hygiene, hub and hero model:

  • Hygiene content is the type of content that’s there 365 days a year, pulling in new viewers by offering them relevant content around the terms they’re searching for. It typically includes product tutorials and how-to videos – content that answers a specific question.

Informative videos by a well known YouTube channel Brightside is a good example for such content

  • Hub content is designed to entertain people and keep them coming back to you regularly. It should be updated periodically and encourage viewers to subscribe.

A crash course on Psychology by a popular YouTube channel that uploads a new lesson every other week can be a good example for Hub Content.

  • Hero content is made to drive mass awareness. It’s often centered around a product or event launch and works by entertaining and inspiring viewers, usually using some form of storytelling.

An example would be Felix Baumgartner jumping from the edge of space for Red Bull.

But you don’t need to go to quite those lengths.

3. Define Your Content Distribution Strategy

Next you’ll need to think about how to distribute and market your content so it’s seen by as many of your target audience as possible. Again, this can be divided into three parts:

  1. Store: It’s a good idea to have a bit of a content library – a central place to keep it stored and organized, where it’s always accessible to your audience. 
  2. Deliver: An editorial calendar will help you make sure you’re offering varied content all year round. 
  3. Market: There’s a lot of content out there, and that’s putting it mildly. To make sure your audience can find yours, you need a solid marketing strategy. The channels you’ll use will depend on your business and the type of content, but generally, it’s about smart distribution among top influencers, blogs and social media; targeted advertising; and YouTube optimization. Hero content should be accompanied by a big promotional campaign across multiple channels, while hub content calls for closer targeting.

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