5 Burning Questions Before Starting Your Video Production

Do you remember a day when you didn’t watch any video?

Yeah, no one has been able to successfully remember any such day from their recent past. Videos have well and truly established themselves as an integral part of our lives. So, naturally Video Production takes the centre stage as we go towards an ultra-digital age of the human race

It does not matter whether you are an individual who wants to establish your own brand or a business that wants to promote a new product that was launched last week, if you are looking to put yourself out there then videos are the way to go.

I won’t go on and on about all the percentages of numerous groups that proves that videos work more than any other form of content. It's 2022 and we all have seen the power of videos and most of us know that if done properly, videos will get the job done for you.

Let’s get right into it then.

Who will watch this video?

Don’t even go to the next question if you are not able to answer this one. You HAVE to know who will watch the video for which you are spending your time and money, and how this video is going to add value to their lives. Don’t waste your resources on fancy equipment and high-profile influencers if you are not sure about your audience

How can you extract the best out of social media platforms?

Nowadays social media provides a whole spectrum of choices, from 15 seconds to 15 Hours, your video content may have this wide range of flexibility.Different platforms can be used at different points in the journey of your product, from product announcement to final review of the product

For Example

A product launch can be announced on the company’s Twitter Handle, further buzz about the product can be created by using subsequent Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts.

Then, when the launch date is getting closer a Short and Crisp Insta Story could be used to tease the product to your audience.

The actual product launch can be live streamed on almost all of these platforms

After launch the popularity of influencers and reviewers can be leveraged through Instagram,Tik-Tok and YouTube, by the way having a mind-blowing product is always a plus.

These days influencers can be seen dancing on the latest tunes with the signature steps of some newly released song, this is mostly intentional moment marketing from the producers to popularize their songs even more

Right now, company culture is the next big thing for corporate firms, with millennials looking for companies with diverse and progressive culture and why working there is a great career choice. Successful culture videos tell honest stories that highlight company’s inspirational mission and personal statement; it also showcases how company develops a healthy balance between work and personal life without undermining productivity.

If you still don’t believe that different platforms can be used differently to produce the best results then please go through the case study of 5 companies using social media here in this extensive blog.

If you are a business then What business problem will this video solve?

This question helps you with budgeting the video appropriately. The money spent should be proportional to the size of the problem that your video is solving

Even as producers we ask ourselves this question whenever we are making a video for our partners. How will the video help in getting more business, sales, clicks etcetera etcetera??

How to choose a Video Production House?

You don’t need the best video production house in the country in order to get started with your video production, you just need a Creative set of Genuine folks who will not drown you with “filmmaking” jargons and false promises of giving you a viral product.

Choosing an apt production house, whose creativity, philosophy and work ethics aligns with your brand is the best way to go.

Trying my best not to sound biased, but Content Studio is considered one such Video Production House in Delhi NCR. We go that extra mile for you and try our best to give an amazing experience to anyone coming to us whether for a small virtual product launch or a short crisp 1 minute Instagram Story video.

What to do after you have the video?

Post, Promote and Analyze

Even the great Christopher Nolan is looking for the equal budget for producing his movie and marketing of the movie. And Yes, the budget is a whopping 100 Million USD just for marketing and promotion

The point here is that if you have honestly tried making a meaningful piece of content then there is no harm or shame in promoting that content so that it could reach an even larger audience.

Once you have given your video a fair chance to run its course, sit back and observe all the data to see what went right or wrong. Get rid of the mistakes and consolidate on what clicked.


Starting something may seem like a daunting task, and starting out all alone can seem even more daunting to the extent that you might never get started with the video you had in your mind.

That’s where Content Studio comes in to help you get started with your video production journey. We have amazing editors, a spacious and perfectly insulated green chroma studio with all the equipment necessary to give you an incredible video.


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