How Can a Company Story Video Spark Conversations & Sales?

How can you transform an emerging startup into a successful, high revenue-generating company?

For many, it all began with a video. That's right. Take the company story of Dollar Shave Club (DSC) for example. Like any startup owner, the founder of DSC, Michael Dublin, was restricted to a strict marketing budget. So, one day, he decided to make a company story video that would create buzz and boost engagement. He asked for help from his friends & family, starred in the video, and later uploaded it on YouTube.

The blend of relatable content with humor struck the right chords with audience instantly. The next thing you know, DSC's official website crashed due to unmanageable traffic within a span of two hours of posting the video, and later they completely ran out of razors.

As the sales conquered great heights, Unilever ended up purchasing the company after four years at a reported deal of 1 billion dollars.

All of this would have never happened, if Dublin had refrained his venture from the power of company story video marketing!

Why Company Story Video?

Before diving any further into how company story video increase conversions & sales, let's understand the innumerable benefits they have in store.

1.They come with guaranteed results!

Whether a company recognizes it or not, videos eventually become a critical component of their marketing strategy. Why? • Videos appear in over 70% of the top search engine results • Videos make site visitors 144% more likely to take an action • Videos are one of the simplest mediums of integrating social media shares (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook).

2. They provide a human element

The company story video can literally be a loud & clear face of your brand. It may show the faces of people who have made your business what it is today.

Thus, when conceptualized to perfection, you can use the video as a way to build loyalty and increase trust, as it gives them an insight of who you are truly as a brand

3. They connect with wider audiences

Among the sites that receive maximum online traffic, such as Twitter, YouTube or search engines, video is an integral feature. Hence, just by posting an impactful video you get to connect with a large number of audience.

Tips to Setup Your Company Story Video for Success

Does that sound like a full proof deal for your company? Well, you might be a bit anxious about making your first video, so to lend you a helping hand here are 6 easy tips to craft the ultimate customer story video.

1. Focus on your target customers & their pain points

First, pay close attention to who your customers are. For this, ask yourself the following questions: • Who are you creating this story video for? • Do they have any particular pain points? • What solutions would be suitable for them? • What geographical location or demographic are they from? Just be as comprehensive about your target audience as possible. This will help in shaping the story in an engaging, helpful and relatable format.

2. Focus on the objective or key message of the video

What message do you aspire to send through the company story video? "Essentially, the main goal of the video is to introduce, establish trust and finally convince the audience to convert."

However, for doing this, you must outline the key message- the narrative that you want to have.

Stay crystal clear.

3. Choose a subject for the story video

For creating a video that sparks impeccable results, you need to select your subject(s) wisely. Based on the key message or objective, select your team, employees or even customers who would be a best match for the video. While selecting the subject, consider: • Those who are able to resonate with the target audience • Those who are persuasive and will add value to the content • Those who are comfortable and have a strong camera presence

4. Write a noteworthy video script

Weave your company story video using an amazing script. The best scripts, usually have four inescapable stages:

• Outlining the problems or challenges the target audience often face. You may state their troubles in an empathetic manner to grab their attention.

• Introduce the hero i.e. the service or the product, narrating how the company led to its inception.

• Explain the solution in detail. You can illustrate this via images, text or other visually appealing elements. Make it fun, exciting, yet highly informative.

• End it with a call-to-action (CTA), providing them the next step to get started.

To give a much-needed oomph, you may go for statistics or numbers, quoting the number of customers you've served, social media presence, YouTube subscribers or even industry stats.

5. Work on the format of the video

Once you're happy with the script, pay attention to the type of company story video that you want. For this, choose the right location and then work on the storyboard.

You can shoot the video at your office, outdoor location or any other dedicated studio space. But, before that, it's good to have a shot-by-shot storyboard, ensuring your filming crew, subject and everyone who is part of the project is aware of how things will be going

6. Bring it all together with top-notch video creation process

After the interviews, B-rolls and other related elements are shot, piece them up together for a stunning video creation process.

Remember, this is the point that breathes life into your company story video. You talk to experts, structure specific guidelines and make necessary edits that will completely personalize the look and feel of your video


Let's face it, story based content has made its way everywhere. But, to linger in the mind of customers while compelling them to take action is a tough task that can be simplified with the value-added, advanced and high-quality services by Content Studio. It's simple, we are here to do the tough work that not only generates a flawless outcome but results that drives success and growth for your company.


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