How to Make a Successful CEO Profile Video?

Have you seen an episode of Shark Tank India yet ??

I request you to go ahead and watch one if you haven’t, specially if you are a cofounder or a CEO. Shark Tank has turned humble CEOs into celebrities and has shown the world what conviction a good hard working founder can do for a company.

Even if you don’t get the coveted “deal”, your company gets a good exposure on National Television which is an incredible marketing space for any company old or new.

This article is not about how good or bad Shark Tank is, that’s up to every individual to decide for themselves. This article is about how even your company can leverage the conviction and powerful personality of your CEO/CO-Founder as a marketing tool, by simply making a premium looking CEO/Company Profile Video.

Ok. So you were able to spare a little money in your marketing budget to make a video about your product or company, showcasing your company culture.

First of All

Your Audience needs to see the actual enigmatic personality of your Founder/CEO.It’ll help build confidence in the brand and will help justify the reason why the video was created in the first place.

Then comes the question

What will be the format of the video? .

Pop up questions? Candid Question? Formal Interview? Press Meet Video?

Here are a few examples of different video formats that you may consider

Different Types of Videos featuring Bright and Beautiful CEOs

A formal set up where the founder talks about production processes, it can be a shot in a Studio or at inside Company premises

YouTube Video

This is a candid interview format where an off Camera Interviewer asks short informal questions to

YouTube Video

Talking about Personal Journey and Company’s Unique Product :

YouTube Video

Day in Life of a Young Startup Founder

YouTube Video

Personal and Intimate Company Journey

YouTube Video

Portrait of a CEO, Their Journey and Dreams :

YouTube Video

All different videos serve different purposes and are used to educate audiences about some different aspects of the company

Choosing the format of the video will even clear the WHY of the video.. In every blog I keep coming back to the same WHY because answering this question helps you and the production team figure out many subsequent things

Once you have zeroed in on what kind of video (that depends on what kind of personality your founder has and what is the purpose of the video) you want, then there are a few very important things that you need to consider

Location: If you are trying to give a personal and intimate feel to your audience, showcasing your company culture then choosing your actual workplace as the shooting location will be a good idea. (HINT : Look at the Vienna Insurance Video )

Multiple Cameras : Using just one camera doesn’t give you any room to play around. Use different angles to tell a more comprehensive story. Take close up shots that capture the intensity of the monologue. Using multiple cameras also tells your audience that you mean business and want to make an impactful video.

Hair and MakeUp: Cameras these days are really good and they tend to capture every minute details, I guess you know where I am going with this. You don’t need to hire Javed Habib or you know anyone fancy, you just don’t want your founder to look shabby in front of the camera when he/she is representing your whole company.

Use Script: as a guideline not an ancient scripture set in stone. A cofounder who has worked day and night to build a company from the ground up feels passionately about his product. He/She just needs to talk passionately about their company, product, and their own life. We need to harness their passion for the product and capture their love for the company.

A well written tight script might help some people but more often than not it becomes a hurdle while working with non actors, where they keep forgetting their lines and losing their confidence. Trying to speak in a certain way that’s not your style traps you in the construct of words and perfection. We should let them be free so that they can speak from their hearts.

Keep the video small, crisp and try to emote some kind of emotion (humour or compassion) Make more videos rather than one super costly mega sized video. So keep your videos short with a clear message and succinct understanding of what is the purpose of the video? // Embrace your reality

Motion Graphics and Editing Try to hire editors who can make awesome looking motion graphics and animations for your video. Choppy and half hearted outdated motion graphics can deteriorate the overall quality of the video and ruin the whole experience of the audience.

We all are good at different things. Your CEO is good at talking about his company and his products so you need a production house that can extract the intensity with which she/he talks about their product in front of the camera.

Content Studio excels at bringing out the best from non actors as we create a very playful environment making everyone feel at home. Our editors are massively skilled when it comes to putting appropriate motion graphics and kinetic typography based on what is being said and shown on the screen.

If you get in touch with Content Studio for solving your video problems, then you wont need to go anywhere else. That’s one undisputed advantage of hiring a video production company that does end to end work. Less people to coordinate with gives you time to get more work done and focus on what really matters. Call us @ 8920249869 and book an appointment today.


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