How Videos Became So Popular?

There is a reason art in general is popular. Be it in the form of video, books or music. We as human beings enjoy sharing stories. From the earliest cave painting found around 45,000 years ago of a life size pig, to the new Batman movie, we have continued to tell stories and in fact found new ways and mediums to tell stories. While there are many reasons that have led to the popularity of videos, the appeal of the medium is simple- -creative expression and emotional connection.

Take this video for example that is currently making rounds of the Internet

Isn’t she adorable? Did it bring a smile to your face! See the power of short video?

How did we get here? What has made it possible for anyone and everyone to take a video and share it with the world?

It started way back in 1878; an English photographer Edweard Muybridge was commissioned for an experiment to see if all four feet of the horse are ever lifted off the ground at once while galloping. Muybridge, took a series of 24 still photographs of a horse, which when appeared in sequence produced a motion picture of the horse galloping

The horse in motion (Eadweard Muybridge) 1878 First Film Ever
YouTube Video

Slices of Time: Eadweard Muybridge’s Cinematic Legacy

YouTube Video

And from then began the birth of video and cinema. The early 1900s saw initial models develop for broadcast media, which also became a standard in the television industry. But what would really accelerate the popularity of the video is its entry into the consumer market in the late 90s. As soon as digital cameras became a consumer product, making videos became more accessible.

There are various other factors that have aided the popularity of videos. The launch of Youtube in 2005 for instance, made it possible for anybody from the world to post their videos. Now people could not only take videos but also upload a youtube video for the world to see thereby giving people access to the market.

Further what is revolutionary about Youtube is its democratic power. Be it a business like Netflix, or an individual like you and me, Youtube grants everyone the same access to the market. Whether your video is made by the best production house in the country or with your smartphone, anyone can upload a video.

Another big factor in the contribution to the virality of videos was buzzfeed. To quote a recent Farnam Street article, “After studying the psychology of virality, Jonah Peretti founded BuzzFeed in 2006. The site quickly grew to be one of the most popular on the internet, with hundreds of employees and substantial revenue.

Peretti recognized the first principles of online popularity and used them to take a new approach to journalism. He also ignored SEO, saying, “Instead of making content robots like, it was more satisfying to make content humans want to share.” Unfortunately for us, we share a lot of cat videos.”

To wrap it up, there are two aspects that have made video such a popular format:

  • The development of technology.
  • The accessibility provided by distribution channels like youtube and other social media platforms.
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