How Much Does It Cost To Make A Youtube Video?

A YouTube video can be made for free. If you are just starting out as an individual creator we recommend not wasting your time in trying to figure out these things. Just create what you want to create, it does not have to be perfect when you are starting out.

The great MKBHD made his first video through screencasting back in Jan 2009, when he was just 15 years young.

So, if you just have a smartphone and want to start your YouTube Journey without spending the big bucks, then check out this descriptive article and bootstrap your way in the YouTube universe like so many successful YouTubers and hopefully when you are a big success, our paths will cross.

Here we are talking about youtube videos in which one has to keep video quality into consideration, videos that won’t be possible through your smartphone camera, videos that need premium audio quality and the cinematic look that insinuates craving and admiration in whoever is watching.

More often than not the cost will be different if that youtube video is made for a corporation compared to a video that is made for an individual creator.

As per our experience budding individual creators don’t want the fancy CGI, VFX and Animation that a corporate video needs, so the number of hours that goes into post production would be less resulting in much more affordable pricing.

Individual creators need help from experts to make something that they saw some other creators do and renting one of our talented videographers for a day doesn't seem so daunting.

On the other hand

Corporate Videos need to have that premium look since they represent a company’s culture and portray an image of that company to their current and prospective customers.

Corporate videos solve a business problem, they are intended to generate sales and revenues so they have a higher budget.

We always advise our corporate partners to dig deep and really know the problem they are going to solve through their video.

Bigger the problem that the video is solving, Bigger is the room for Budget.

Budget of a video also significantly depends on what type of video you are planning to make or in layman’s terms what is the Concept of the Video?

Videos with different Concepts may need different equipments, props, location and more/less crew members

For Example

Once you have finished the production(actual shooting) based on the concept then the budget might increase or decrease based on what type of post production you had in mind, by that I mean animation, graphics and sound work you want us to do for your video.

As YouTube’s algorithm ranks premium looking videos higher we urge our corporate partners not to skip this part and since our prices are so affordable they also come happily onboard.

Mostly we tend to do end to end work (Production and Postproduction) for our partners and that helps them save some money on post production as well.

At Content Studio basic editing starts @ 700/min. Cost increases as we start adding elements like Kinetic Typography, Graphics, VFX and Original Background Music.

We have a chroma studio with exceptional acoustics and a 2500 sqft office space which is dedicated just for shooting videos for our partners, click here to see a short tour of our studio and shooting space that we provide, and if you have come along so far then I am certain that we are going to work together sooner than later.


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