Difference between A Corporate Video and A Promotional Video?

The difference between a corporate video and a promotional video is simple. A basic google search will tell you that the objective of a promotional video is to “promote” or “endorse” a product or a service, whereas the objective of a corporate video is to advocate for the company as a whole.

Let’s delve into each of the two in some detail-

Promotional Videos

The most classic example of promotional videos is advertisements. Traditionally, the best way to create brand consciousness and to promote a product was through advertisements, back when television programming was something people watched. But now the definition of a promotional video has broadened. Within video, there are so many distribution channels apart from television where you can show your promotional video: airport screens, youtube videos, facebook, phone apps, instagram, digital billboards etc. And luckily businesses no longer need a lot of money or the services of fancy video production studio to make a promotional video.

Take this example for instance. It's simple, self-shot, budget friendly and promotional.


The format of a promotional video can take any form, my favorite example of a promotional video are talk show appearances i.e. when celebrities come to talk shows to promote their movies. Although the conversation may seem candid, the conversations are largely pre-decided. Take this example for instance.

YouTube Video

In this video, Chappelle does two things. One, to promote his movie Dave Chappelle’s block party. And two, giving the audience a glimpse of his new comedy set.

Corporate Video

Corporate Videos speak about the company; the history, mission, vision, premises, ethos, values or any other overall company information. Take this example of corporate video by Google-

YouTube Video

The key thing to take away is the fact that this video isn’t directly promoting a product or service offered by Google, it only highlights what the internship experience at Google is like, and therefore it is a corporate video.

Corporate video, just like promotional video, is a broad term that can incorporate many sub-genres. The form of a corporate video typically depends on the need of the hour. If businesses want to encourage people to work at their office, then that becomes a recruiting video, if businesses want to tell people the vision of the company, then that becomes a profile video. All in all, the purpose of the video will determine the kind of video you should go for, and ofcourse if you come to Content Studios, which is one of the best video production houses in delhi, we will not only help you decide which video to go for but also make the video for you- problem solved!


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