How Can A Business Integrate Their Values to Their Video Marketing Strategy?

Video Marketing- an indispensable tool in creating brand consciousness in the 21st Century, is a very overwhelming task. With so many businesses using different social media tools to promote their businesses, where does one even begin? Should the information be communicated through a youtube video or an instagram video? What should our marketing say? What is the best way to articulate our message? These are all valid and at the same time difficult questions to answer.

The clue lies in your business itself, more specifically in the fundamentals and values of your business. By integrating the values and fundamentals of the business into your video marketing strategy, it is possible to cultivate a uniform brand image across your target demographics. Isn’t that fairly simple? Who you are determines your video marketing strategy.

For example, if a business is an equal opportunity workplace and prides itself over hiring qualified people irrespective of age, race, gender, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability etc, their content should at strategic occassions reflect that quality. Flipkart, for instance, recently advertised their Period Leave Policy. This is a good strategic decision because it shows that Flipkart is an inclusive empathetic company that cares about their women employees plus launching it close to Women’s day made it all the more impactful.

Now, does one need to be an agency or a big time video production service to execute this, not necessarily. Just a little bit of clarity and a little bit of creativity will do the trick.

Knowing your business is very important, because it makes decision making much simpler. For example if your target demographic is Gen Z, then Instagram and TikTok become good platforms to advertise your content. If your target demographic is slightly older, Facebook and Youtube become better options. This way most of the answers of your video marketing strategy lie in your business itself.

Another way to approach the idea of video marketing is thinking about it backwards- asking yourself- what are the values I would like people to associate with my business. Over the years, Coca-Cola has through its brilliant campaigns associated itself with sharing happiness.

Does one require a big budget or the services of the best video production house in town for this-no! What most people don’t realize in this age, is that what truly matters is your message, it is important to know what you want to say! If you have something interesting to say, people will engage! So, if you’re only starting out and you don’t have a big budget -fret not, focus on what you have to say, keep it simple, and be consistent- success will follow

There is of course one other easy solution- Content Studio (not so subtle plug) . If you’re a business looking for a video production house in Gurgaon who can help bring out their company values to the forefront through smart video marketing strategies-we are here for you, and we are here at every step to take your company to new heights.


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